A Philippine based company that provides technology and innovation with a touch of Japanese quality.

Based on our experience in handling heavy web traffic and online transactions, we provide services for offshore software development. We develop smart phone applications for Android/iOS, Unity games, web services and other web-based systems which we make sure are reliable. We also create 2D/3D graphic designs (including modeling, animation and textures), and plan/operate maintain social network games as well as offering quality control for various applications

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We create & craft projects that ooze creativity in every aspect. We try to create a benchmark in everything we do. Take a moment to browse through some of our recent completed work.

We enjoy working on the Services & Products we provide as much as you need them. This help us in delivering your Goals easily. We cover all stages of developing smartphone applications/online services and wide variety of products ranging from applications to web-based systems

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Graphic Design

Quality Control

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Cyscorpions Inc. is a multicultural company. The work culture, knowledge, value and skills are continuously enhanced and set as an advantage in the competitive industry of Information Technology. I have been working in the company when I.T. was beginning to flourish. I have learned so much about how competitive technology is.

Kyn 2D Manager

The company helps me manage my own career growth by letting me go to tech events without consuming leave credits. These events enable career growth by learning from and networking with peers. It's the kind of company that really takes care of its employees, gives freedom and challenges you to be better. I get a lot of freedom about how I do my work, what I can learn and do after work hours.Work hard, play hard!

Josef Technical Expert

Cyscorpions has a good work atmosphere and values work-life balance which is very beneficial for me as an employee in terms of effectively managing and accomplishing my tasks, and not forgetting to have fun after a hard day’s work. We’re exposed to co-workers with diverse cultural, technical and educational backgrounds. And we also get to engage and work on various projects. In Cyscorpions, there IS such thing as free lunch!

Reena Sales and Marketing Officer

I'm very grateful that I am part of Cyscorpions Family. What I like most is we're not only here to work for the company but also we learn how to grow as an individual, be an ally for the team and to be sociable - that's why working here is really fun. Cyscorpions gave me the perception that there is no reason not to enjoy work and have a personal life balanced at the same time.

Marlo Senior Software Engineer

I've been here for 10 years now, When i got the job in Cyscorpions, they entrusted me the infra of the Company, which is what i really wanted to do, to handle Network and Servers.From this, it allows my skills to advance in the field of Systems Administration and Cloud Services.

Ronald Manager System Admin

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