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Developing Mobile VR applications

We help create and develop mobile VR software with our unique approach

This is the beginning of the VR era!

We have been developing various applications for both iOS and Android platforms ever since the smartphone was made available. We are able to provide contents made specifically for the mobile VR system with our experience in creating games and videos together with our unique ideas.

Now VR is available anywhere to anyone who has a smartphone. We create exclusive content which utilizes smartphones as a controller, allowing us to develop appealing VR applications for the 2 billion smartphone users all over the world. For example, a smartphone controller can be used as a cue stick, boxing glove, tennis racket, baseball bat, or even a fishing rod.

We at KLab Cyscorpions are currently looking for business partners interested in finding contractors for VR development. Please contact us here.
Of course、we support a variety of devices!

Demo Applications

A zombie shooting VR game


A zombie shooting game that uses one smartphone as a monitor and another smartphone as a controller.

→Click here for the introduction video

A zombie racing VR game


Use up to 4 smartphones to drive a car and run over zombies wandering on the streets.

→Click here for the introduction video

A soccer heading VR game


A soccer heading game that can be played with just one smartphone. Time your heading correctly to score a goal!

→Click here for the introduction video

Introduction Videos

VR game tryout!~ROARZ~

VR game tryout! ~ROADKILLZ~

VR game tryout! ~HEADSHOT~