Our Mission

We Exist to Create a World of Cy-Smiles :)

We create happiness and new value through the pursuit of providing the world's best-loved services. We believe that technology and innovation are now key to making the world a better place. We apply our technology and innovation to provide products and services that grant our employees greater happiness, deliver better customer experiences, and contribute to the betterment of society.

Our Vision

To be the Philippine's No. 1 company in mobile app development

Our Management Philosophy

Sanpo Yoshi - All Good

We do business guided by the Japanese principle of "SANPO YOSHI" wherein "sanpo" refers to the three parties to a transaction (seller, buyer, and society) and "yoshi" means "good". In essence, the SANPO YOSHI principle translates to the achivement of All good: to the company, its customers, and society.

At KLab Cyscorpions Inc., we dedicate our products and services to the happiness of our employees, end-users, and the community. To us, success means achieving a three-fold win where all parties involved are consistently satisfied.

We shall continue strive to operate in a socially pleasing way towards corporate excellence through the Sanpo Yoshi way.

What do we offer?

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