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■About filament Inc.
With the concept "More fun to the world" filament Inc. creates games and educational applications
■Assigned members
2 Unity engineers (1 Senior Software Engineer/1 Software Engineer)
Game application (special version for this trial)
Company dormitory

We asked the project manager Mr. Wakimura who stayed with us for 2 weeks with his thoughts.

Q. What was the reason you decided to take part in this trial?

We were already considering off-shore development. It was then at the right time that we learned there is a trial, so we applied.

Q. What goals did you have upon taking part in this trial?

Our highest priority was to be able to communicate with the local members. We wanted to see their skills by asking them to create something. In order to do what we needed to be able to tell them the requirements which was why we needed to communicate with them to start with, so the sole and most important goal was communication.

Q. Please tell us the merits of the 2 week trial.
   (Office/Engineer/Environment/Support etc.)

The office was almost like any other office for developers so I did not feel uncomfortable. As for the engineers, my impression was that they were very high skilled. Also, I did not face any problems that seriously troubled me while staying in the Philippines. If a problem did occur, they supported me and solved it very quickly, which was nice.

Q. Please tell us the problems you faced during the trial.

Issues remained when it comes to communication. My personal impression as the manager onsite was that it is very difficult to attend a meeting, do the translations and also facilitate all the meetings. Even when there is a language barrier the manager onsite tends not to feel that. Even if I was trying to take notice of that both sides were constantly feeling the language barrier to be very high. However since we have very few people capable of being the onsite manager, we need to rethink the roles of the onsite manager.

Q. Has this trial changed your impression about off-shore development?

It was just what we were hoping for, so it didn't change my impression which was already positive. It was exactly how it was explained to us before the trial.

Q. Would you recommend off-shore development with our company?

Considering that would mean bringing in other competitors that want the best engineers assigned to them as well, we probably will not want to recommend it to others! Jokes aside, this requires to be able to use English both in and outside the office without being able to use Japanese, so I would recommend this if you have the resources to send more than one members who is capable of that. Another case I can recommend this is if there are going to be only few cases where the onsite manager needs to communicate with the base offshores.

Office space for off-shore development       ※Office space for off-shore development

Getting to know our engineers (in the dormitory)       ※Getting to know our engineers (in the dormitory)

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