Games and Creative Content Networking Philippines 2014

by KLab Cyscorpions

KLab Cyscorpions took part in the May 19th, 2014 “Games and Creative Content Networking Philippines 2014” event held at the Manila Peninsula in Makati City. The event consisted of two major activities: the Business-to-Business meetings, and the Conference. We were given an opportunity to meet with a few big names in the Japanese gaming industry as representatives from NAMCO Bandai, Sega Networks, and Capcom, graced the event, and people from up-and-coming local gaming companies were in attendance as well. As a representative of KLab Cyscorpions, President Taro Noguchi opened the conference with a warm welcoming speech, while iOS developer Jhermin Cruz as a guest speaker spoke on the topics of cultural differences and its advantages in the gaming industry. Other speakers of the conference were from the notable Japanese companies, who also covered essential topics on the future and culture of the game industry.

19 May

The Business-to-Business meetings also allowed companies to share their knowledge and collaborative ideas in a one-on-one setup. Here we were able to speak with representatives of great companies and individuals with brilliant ideas, further enflaming our imagination and eagerness to create for game enthusiasts. With the help of the Department of Trade and Industry, it was a rare occasion seeing many of the industry’s sought-after individuals and organizations in one room for a sneak peek at the enfolding future of the game industry, realized through the partnership of Japan and the Philippines. By the end of the event, everyone was looking forward to seeing bigger, more exciting movements in the Philippines game industry.

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