Cyscorpions Tech Blog Launch

by KLab Cyscorpions

As we strive to make fun and exciting mobile apps, KLab Cyscorpions also promotes the advancement and growth of its members. To broaden the knowledge of our seasoned developers, we have started a technology blog to augment their learning and experiences by sharing topics and advice. Once a successful internal project, we have decided to take it one step further and open it to the public to widen the scope of our teaching and sharing. The KLab Cyscorpions Tech Blog, with its on-the-field developers and contributors, share their experiences and advice on topics covering anything and everything about mobile development. Doing so, we believe, can further strengthen the energy of continuously creating enjoyable games and apps.

11 Mar

KLab Cyscorpions Tech Blog will include topics and articles on the four major programming languages we use as a team of creatives: PHP, Android, Unity, and iOS. By bringing it to a wider audience on the Internet, it is our goal to share knowledge and to receive new knowledge from readers, and be able to provide more fun and excitement through games.

Here are some topics we talk about on the KLab Cyscorpions Tech Blog:

Indexing for High Performance
Why you need to index sql database

AFNetworking vs. Native (NSURLConnection & NSURLSession) + Caching
How NSURLConnection class works and how it is combined the caching functions

AWS Load Testing Using “beeswithmachineguns”
Use the default testing method "beeswithmachineguns" to test AWS network structure and functionalities

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